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Hi! I am Louise, owner and graphic designer behind The Autumn Rabbit. Mum to my little mess maker and designer in the making, Madeline, and wife to my darling hubby Brent.

Like many other work at home run businesses, The Autumn Rabbit came about by accident and was born after discovering a love for drawing pictures for my friend’s little girls to color in.

Prior to starting up this small business and having my baby girl, I spent 13 years in the investment banking world. Although a very different business and environment, it set me up with the necessary client service and business management skills to help me with this venture, not to mention a whole lot of financial knowledge.

I’m glad to say I’ve finally found my passion in life with Graphic Design and I am living the dream of working at home while doing something I love. I absolutely adore creating a client’s vision design and giving them the tools and outlook for their business that they can be proud of.

I love not knowing what challenge each day will bring me with this business and what new friends I might stumble upon. I am the type of person that constantly needs to be challenged and will not shy away from a difficult task. I love to learn and always try to find something new every day.

Well that’s a little bit about me. I look forward to getting to know you!

just a few things I love > > >

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